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Fantasy Football Start’em Sit’em Week 11 by JR Cummings

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Taking It to the House Fantasy Football writer JR Cummings thinks it is a good idea to sit Eagles rookie QB Nick Foles as he makes his first start in Washington versus RGIII and the Redskins

Hello Folks!  Great to be back writing for you after a four week break for that pesky election.  Now, after helping my candidate win their election, it’s time to get back to helping you all win your fantasy leagues!

I would like to personally thank the fantastic Ryan Kerr for filling in for me in my four week absence, he wrote some really good stuff.

So what did I miss while I was gone?  Apparently, half of the NFL’s quarterbacks are now out with concussions, something that is starting to become a yearly trend.  The Cardinals have fallen hard from their lofty 4-0 start, Chris Johnson is still as meddling as he was when I began my hiatus, and the Eagles are now well on their way to another playoff appearance.  Wait, they haven’t won in a month and a half you say?  The Phillies can STILL say they’ve won more recently than the Eagles?  Well, it must OBVIOUSLY be Juan Castillo’s fault.

My disgust for my football team notwithstanding, here are this week’s Start’em Sit’em’s.


Mike Wallace (WR – Pittsburgh Steelers):  Quick, name a healthy Steeler!  With Antonio Brown injured, Ben Roethlisberger hurt, and Rashard Mendenhall still aching from his Achilles injury, Wallace is the only guy still standing upright (calm down Sanders and Dwyer owners).  While this is typically the kind of rationale used to sit somebody, Byron Leftwich is one of the more capable backups in the NFL today and will not hesitate to air it out to his most reliable receiver, especially considering the state of the running game in Pittsburgh.

Robert Griffin III (QB – Washington Redskins):  Ah yes, the Washington Redskins.  Nobody is surprised with their 3-6 record.  Nobody is surprised with the talent they have at quarterback, either.  The recently-named team captain has been as advertised this season, throwing for almost 2,000 in 9 games and spreading the ball around admirably (four different receivers/tight ends have at least 300 receiving yards, but none more than 400).  And on a team going nowhere, Griffin has their offense humming along ranked 11th in the entire NFL, scoring an average of 25.1 points per game.  This week, they’re facing the new and improved, Castillo ridden Eagles Defense, who now give up an average of approximately 748 points per game.  Have I mentioned that Griffin is a gifted runner and is going up against the wide-nine?

Greg Olsen (TE – Carolina Panthers):  I’m still not entirely sure why the Bears let him go.  If someone has a reason, please let me know, I’m actually quite curious.  I’ve been bullish on Olsen this season, and for good reason:  when Newton targets him, he’s a fantasy monster!  The real problem, then, is getting.  Newton to target him.  Lately, he’s been targeting Olsen a lot, and his stats have been reflective of that.  When was the last time we heard Steve Smith’s name anyway?  Look for Olsen’s hot streak to continue.

Denver Broncos D/ST:  Turnover City!  The Broncos defense has scored four times on their own over the past 5 games, something some offenses can’t even claim.  Who’s looming this week?  The turnover laden San Diego Chargers and their interception machine Philip Rivers.  Not only has San Diego’s overall relevance waned in simultaneous fashion as our Eagles’, but Denver’s stout defense is also quite familiar with Rivers.  Look for lots of turnovers at Mile High this weekend.



Nick Foles (QB – Philadelphia Eagles):  Don’t get cute.  I’m fairly sure their backup Left Tackle at this point is Cullen Jenkins.  Hell, they’re in Washington, they might as well give Jon Runyan’s Congressional Office a ring.

Mikel Leshoure (RB – Detroit Lions):  Call this one my hunch of the week.  Green Bay is coming off of its bye, and they were looking rather elite heading into it.  The game is being played indoors in Detroit, and even though it’s not Thanksgiving this year, Aaron Rodgers will likely be able to at least smell the Turkey on Sunday.  This all smells a whole lot like a shootout game up in Motor City, and Leshoure will get left behind.  Even if they don’t keep it close, Rodgers and the Packers will jump out to an early lead and Stafford & Co. will be playing catch-up the entire game, which will lead to reduced carries for Leshoure.  Again, just a hunch.

Brandon Pettigrew (TE – Detroit Lions):  But didn’t you just say it would be a shootout?  Yes, yes I did.  However, Green Bay’s defense has allowed only one tight-end touchdown over the past 7 games.  If this is a shootout, chances are much higher than the likes of Calvin Johnson and Titus Young score than our friend Brandon here.

Philadelphia Eagles D/ST:  Just say…”NO”


JR Cummings is Taking It To The House’s Fantasy Football Analyst. To contact JR, email him at:

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