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The View From Mt.Airy: Chargers-Eagles by Philip Allen

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97.5 The Fanatic Host Phil Allen brings it, talking about the San Diego Chargers 33-30 win over the home Philadelphia Eagles, in his first of many columns for the series “The View From Mt.Airy”

(Philadelphia, PA) — Amazing day at the “Linc”’…. Unprecedented offense. 1044 total combined yards, I’ve seen more defensive discipline from Vegas Call Girls than exhibited by the Eagles and Chargers. The Chargers punted for the first time at 5:13 mark of the 3rd quarter.

The only person who stopped DeSean Jackson all day was the referee’s flag and Lane Johnson. 9 catches 193 yards and just a mercurial display of offensive football by a player who was excoriated by this fan base for protecting himself against the grain of the NFL landscape, by the way…. Ya think Jeremy Maclin might like to rethink his decision and take the D-Jack route. Precipitous though is was, in retrospect DeSean protected himself and believe it or not, is positioning himself under Chip Kelly for what may be a landmark contract extension as he still hasn’t entered the prime of his productive NFL career. The 33-30 home loss was bad, and reminded all of us that for all of his Oz like Wizardy, Chip Kelly is a rookie coach in the NFL and for the second straight weekend made critical game day errors down the stretch. Escaped in Washington, but I’d argue he shot himself and his team in the foot on their final scoring drive.

Case in point #1) One in the redzone, Chipper, you have to run the ball and make time your ally. Your defense has demonstrated zero ability to make a stop. Aside from the turnovers from heaven at the end of the first half, the Chargers have made the Linc endzone a picnic area for their receivers and the Eagles made no sign (Billy Davis aka public enemy number 1) of adjusting to what their doing, which is essentially calling the same play repeatedly.. (they ran 4 routes all day, 4!!!) So Chip you’ve got to do what the Chargers did so successfully all day. Use the offense as the defense and milk all the time possible off the clock. Dont throw the ball against a team that hasn’t shut down Shady yet.

Case in point #2) When you had to insert Nick Doles that means you cannot call a fade route to the smallest receiver on the field no matter how effective he’s been throughout this loss is yours chip for all the above reason. Despite the defense’s failures, you had the ball and the momentum and the clock at home and didn’t dictate tempo, time, or pace and allowed the visitor to impose their will upon your team down the stretch. Did the defense historically bad football. Yes, yet you were in position to win and you gave it away Coach Chip.

Ultimately this all matters not. It is Howie Roseman who is on the clock ‘Never Forget’. That as we enjoy the three ring circus, what’s up my sleeve, now you see it now you don’t three card Monte of an offense run by the Wizard of the West Coast…. It’s GM Howie Roseman whose job it is to ensure that were not watching Brandon Hughes, Nate Allen, Patrick Chung etc all inhabit our secondary by default in NFL ’14.

As Coach Kelly said so succinctly in his deflated presser ” NFL safeties aren’t out on the corner hanging around waiting for jobs”. It’s incumbent upon Howie Roseman to rebuild this barren group beginning with the 2014 draft class. Look no further than Thomas Dmitroff and the Atlanta Falcons as the template. They’ve gotten a minimum 2 defensive starters each draft since ’09 and added All-Pro corner Asante Samuel in a trade with the Eagles… That’s how you do it.

Confidence in the Defensive coordinator? Tough to grade with available talent, but you have to question his scheme. I’m giving Billy Davis 4 weekends, as he wades through 3 games in 11 days, opposite an offense that’s as troublesome to their own defense as it can be to the opposition, he can’t win. Talentless? But I don’t get the sense that he has more than 16 games to prove that he should be the shepherd of the Birds defense beyond 2013….

And that is “The View From Mt Airy!”


Philip Allen aka “Mt. Airy Phil” is  a contributing writer for Taking It To The House and a leading Sports Talk Radio Host at 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia.  To contact  Phil, hit him up on Twitter @MtAiryPhil975

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