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2013-14 NFL Playoff Picture Heading into Week 14

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Though the Seahawks (11-1) have now clinched the NFL’s first playoff spot, there is still plenty of discussion about what 11 teams will claim the remaining berths of the “Coveted 12″.

Right now there are 23 teams with records from 11-1 to 5-7 that still have “realistic” playoff chances. Competition this time of the year is a good thing as everyone from fans to media always like watching meaningful games in Weeks 16 and 17 rather than having to be stuck with “glorified” exhibition games because teams already in the playoffs choose to rest players.

There are still a lot of games left to be played (64), so let’s enjoy the last month of the regular season, before the frenzy of the 2013-14 NFL Playoffs begin.

Current 2013-14 NFL Playoffs Picture heading into Week 14


1. Broncos (10-2) — TEN, SD, @HOU, @OAK
2. Patriots (9-3) — CLE, @MIA, @BAL, BUF
3. Colts (8-4) — @CIN, HOU, @KC, JAX
4. Bengals (8-4) —  IND, @PIT, MIN, BAL
5. Chiefs (9-3) — @WAS, @OAK, IND, @SD
6. Ravens (6-6) — MIN, @DET, NE, CIN

In The Hunt:

Dolphins (6-6) — @PIT, NE, @BUF, NYJ
Titans (5-7) — @DEN, ARI, @JAX, HOU
Chargers (5-7) — NYG, @DEN, OAK, KC
NY Jets (5-7) — OAK, @CAR, CLE, @MIA
Steelers (5-7) — MIA, CIN, @GB, CLE

Out:  Other than the pitiful Texans (2-10), no teams are “officially out. But the Raiders (4-8), Bills (4-8), Browns (4-8), and Jaguars (3-9) better start getting ready for the 2014 NFL Draft



1. Seahawks (11-1) — ARI, @BUF, SF, STL
2. Saints (9-3) — CAR, @STL, @CAR, TB
3. Lions (7-5, currently are 2-0 vs. Chicago) –- @PHI, BAL, NYG, @MIN
4. Cowboys (7-5, currently 4-0 in division) — @CHI, GB, @WAS, PHI
5. Panthers (9-3) — @NO, NYJ, NO, @ATL
6. Niners (8-4) — SEA, @TB, ATL, @ARI

In The Hunt:

Eagles (7-5) – DET, @MIN, CHI, @DAL
Cardinals (7-5) — STL, @TEN, @SEA, SF
Bears (6-6) — DAL, @CLE, @PHI, GB
Packers (5-6-1) — ATL, @DAL, PIT, @CHI
Rams (5-7) –- @ARI, NO, TB, @SEA
Giants (5-7) — @SD, SEA, @DET, WAS

Out: No teams are “officially out, but the Vikings (3-8-1), Bucs (3-9), and Redskins (3-9) better start getting ready for the 2014 NFL Draft


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